Skiing Szczyrk. Welcome to the SkiTown, ski and snowboard SCHOOL website. We invite you to SKI AND SNOWBOARD. SCHOOL SKITOWN SZCZYRK was created for the love of winter sports, in particular for skiing and snowboarding. It was founded by young, positive people who love to spend time actively on the snow (and not only;)) We are passionate about these sports, we strive to infect others with our passion!

The freshness of mountain air, the raw beauty of snow-capped peaks, contact with nature, lots of movement, the sun and wind in your hair – if you have not tried yet, you will not regret it!

Narty Szczyrk

We associate a group of great, qualified instructors SKIING AND SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTORS who have many years of experience in learning to ride both on skis and on the board. They are enthusiastic people, professionals with numerous sports successes in these disciplines and able to communicate their knowledge perfectly. Certainly they will meet the requirements of even the most demanding students. The most important thing is that they love what they do, and learning to ski with them is pure pleasure. Skiing Szczyrk.

In our offer, apart from driving lessons, you will also find a professional service of ski / snowboard equipment – so that your equipment will always be fully functional – and equipment rental, where we will tailor it to your needs and capabilities. We invite you to ski in Szczyrk !!

Instruktor snowboard Szczyrk

We invite everyone – all ages, both those who are just beginning their adventure with skiing / snowboarding, as well as those whose skills require only light polishing!