Ski kindergarten Szczyrk

Ski kindergarten SZCZYRK

Ski kindergarten Szczyrk SkiTown – Group classes for children.

In the winter season 2017/2018, the Skitown ski school organizes a ski kindergarten in Szczyrk. We offer activities for small lovers of skiing madness under the active eye of instructors. activities suitable for those who have already acquired certain ski skills. People who just want to start the adventure with skiing are invited to individual lessons, after which they can join the group.

Ski kindergarten Szczyrk

Our school is situated at the children’s slope “krasnal” (lit up to 21 o’clock) at the Szczyrk – czyrna ski lifts complex. During classes parents can take advantage of the offer of these facilities.

Ski kindergarten SZCZYRK

What we offer  ??

  • age group 6-10 years
  • classes are held according to the below plan (3 hours –
    daily classes).
  • classes under the supervision of an instructor will be held in small groups of 4 – 6 people
  • The school has its own ski rental and service
    (In the absence of your own equipment, you can borrow
    equipment at our rental at a promotional price of PLN 25. included in the set
    includes: skis, boots, helmet)
  • during attractive classes, children learn and improve their skills
    actively spend time among their peers
  • the priority of our services is their high quality and safety
    (every student has a helmet, reflective vest) beginner childre
  • we invite you to individual lessons (possibility
    joining the group after acquiring basic skills: braking,
    driving the lift.


8:40 – collection at the headquarters of our school at the Krasnal lift
8:40 – Selection of equipment, distribution of vests (selection of equipment takes place at the first day)
9:00 – Warm-up of the group with the instructor in the form of games and activities
9:15 — Ski training in groups
12:00– End of training for the group (3 hours)

Why do we start so early?

With a view to the safety of the students and the quality of the busy hours, between 9 and 12 have fewer people on the slope.
Classes are conducted daily throughout the whole period of holidays.
The student can join the group by buying a course for a minimum of 3 days !!!


Price list for Ski kindergarten  Krasnal lift

classes 3 h/day120 zł

*In the event that a group is not collected, a minimum of 4 people in kindergarten classes may be canceled

Dodatkowe opłaty:

  • pass: group of 3 hours a day about 35 PLN / day
  • if you do not have your own equipment, you can rent equipment in our rental at a promotional price of PLN 25. / day the set includes: skis, boots, helmet

Ski kindergarten SZCZYRK 1

Schedule of ski kindergarten classes :

  •  29.01.2018 — 04.02.2018 – 2 wolne miejsca !!!
  •  05.01.2018 — 11.02.2018 – 3  wolne miejsca !!!
  • 12.02.2018 — 18.02.2018 – 3 wolne miejsca !!!
  • 19.02.2018 — 25.02.2018 – 3 wolne miejsca

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Reservations and contactR

tel. 511 529 991